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Welcome to the Hale Scout Reservation Online Merit Badge Signup page. We are excited to offer online Merit Badge Signup again this season! Your unit contact will be able to enter both Camper and Adult registration online. Merit Badge Signup runs April 1st and thru May 1st. To complete the online Merit Badge Signup you must have your web validation code. Your web validation code was given to your unit in your packet. Your packet was mailed to your unit contact. Think of your web validation code as a password. It is very important that you keep your web validation code confidential. The web validation code should only be given to the unit contact person who will be registering the entire unit. To prevent confusion we do not recommend more than one person per unit completing the online signup. If your unit did not receive your web validation code, please contact Paige at the Indian Nations Council (918)743-6125 or (800)367-1272 Email camphale@okscouts.org  

Each scout will get to pick four merit badges.
Please keep in mind that merit badges and activities are NOT first come, first serve. As long as you complete your registration by May 4th, you are guaranteed your requested merit badge or activity. (we do not guarantee the order).



If you have any question about the online merit badge signup process please check our Online Merit Badge Signup Frequently asked Questions 


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